Biyernes, Hunyo 24, 2016

All of us usually go to school.As a student I learned much when I was a Junior High School level.But now I'm facing a new stage of my life as a Senior High School (SHS) .Senior High School is an advanced level than Junior High School because Senior High comes to be a challenging part of my life.All I need is to become matured in all things that I do and surely do things or task done with all my strength.Being a Senior High student, here's some of my daily experiences.

Good day! My name is Ark A. Angeles,16 years old and I live at Panayakan,Tangalan,Aklan. Now, I'm an Grade 11 student and I studied at Tangalan,National High School (TNHS). To be a Senior High student is more challenging but according to the K-12 education system curriculum, it will gave us more benefits as students.Though, we are the first batch of students in this curriculum, I expect that this two years of schooling will enhance my skills to improve,to explore and to learn more abilities that will help me when I go to College level.

As a student, my life becomes a little bit difficult.Usually for us students waking up early in the morning is difficult and challenging for me.I woke up 5:30 in the morning, usually I prayed and thanked God for giving me another life. Then, I prepared myself to go to school.Preparing things needed to school,taking a bath,eat my breakfast and walk a little bit and wait for the tricycle to arrive.
That is my daily routine when I have class.And to be a Senior High School student,I'll do what I can to become a responsible person.

First day of school, June 13,2016,I arrive early at school just like what I did usually when first day of class.When I arrive at the spot, I saw my classmates greeted to me, same faces,and some are not.New classmates transferred in this track named (GAS)-General Academic Strand.We started our class, usually same faces,we must introduce ourselves to become familiarized and know about ourselves of course.Orientation started and the teachers introduced themselves and explained about the Senior High School,but I'm little bit confused about this curriculum but in the end of the day I am contented on what I've heard about explanations of our teachers.And I choose (THNS) because this the good,efficient and outstanding school for me.